Finding Naturale!!!

Hallos loves!!!
As this is our first post ever we would love to first thank you for checking in on us…We are so excited and we hope you’ll enjoy the journey!!!

First things first- the question that is frequently asked each time-
               Why do people return natural?
I have heard so many reasons- for some it’s because they think it’s the trend now and don’t want to be left out, others because they want a healthier hair as its been damaged, while some because they see how beautifully the styles come out and a couple of us think its cheaper to maintain. What’s your reason?
I never liked the idea of the creamy crack (relaxer) on my hair. I had it relaxed 2x a year that way I had less or no damage on my hair(so I thought), as I hardly let it stay long on my hair.
Whatever the reason, here are important things never to forget when transitioning and most of them also apply if you had a big chop.
This comes with determination & is important because you are going to be dealing with a different type of hair- your very own natural hair. Ofcourse it’s different from the relaxed one, not straight may not be soft or easy to comb and with a lot of knots!
You might also not be comfortable trying out some styles on your hair for fear that it isn’t ‘done’-totally virgin as you may feel guilty that you still have a lot of relaxed ends. I felt like that sometimes at the beginning but it gradually faded away.

A twist out while it was damp in the early stage of my  transitioning era…(my big hair dont cuurrr moment..lmao)
2. Love your hair
This is the stage where you get to know your hair because when you love something you’ll like to know everything about it. It’s the experimenting phase! Try out different products till you find the one that loves your hair(your staple products).

A bun with a twist out (still transitioning)…
Read a lot- the labels on the products you want to try on your hair, reviews on products, blogs of people with natural hair…Attend natural hair brunch or make new friends with natural hair anywhere even online, ask questions, read blogs,hear their experiences share yours…You need all the encouragement u can get and that way you’ll learn ingredients in products that are harmful or beneficial to your hair.

4. Record
Try taking pictures at this beginning stage, trust me you’ll be glad you did. In my case I did not take as much….Time will fly so fast you’ll wish you had memories of how it all began. Even the bible says,’do not despise the days of humble beginnings!’

Bantu Knots ( I mostly achieved this with Palmers coconut oil, jojoba oil and Dark&Lovely leave in conditioner,I was still a JJC learning to master my hair).
5. Eat Healthy
What you put into your mouth also affects your hair. Drink a lot of water, eat loads of nuts-almonds,walnuts etc, lots of fruits aswell…eat healthy and exercise too!

We hope you have these at the back of your mind during this journey…. Wishing you all the best and God’s speed!!!

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