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10 Eco-friendly Habits for Travel!

Did you know over 1.4 billion people travel internationally every year and the number is expected to grow to 2billion by 2030? According to WTO, Tourism plays a major role in achieving economic growth and providing employment, as it generates 10% of world jobs creating decent work opportunities for people.

World Trade Organization
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‘Budget-friendly’ Destinations to Visit this ‘Fall’

As the end of summer becomes very visible, it’s the right time to pack your bags and wander far from home. Fall kinda brings with it cheaper flights to destinations where prices skyrocketed during summer. Travel tips: It is important to plan in advance (at least a month) for a trip so you buy the cheaper tickets; bear in mind that the day of the … Continue reading ‘Budget-friendly’ Destinations to Visit this ‘Fall’

A mini tourist guide to Bratislava

Fun Travel Fact: “You can take a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna, Prague or Budapest for less than 30euros!” – Knots about Travel Lemme tell you a story of what we did when we found ourselves in Bratislava. On our way to Budapest from Prague, 3 young chaps decided to make a quick stop at a little city called ‘Bratislava’. In case you did … Continue reading A mini tourist guide to Bratislava