A Fruit”full” hair(II)…

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Don’t you just love Tangerines? I haven’t yet figured out the difference between them and mandarines or are they just a different name? To me they are like a to-go snack, very portable no space occupying (lmao…yup I love my space literally I’m claustrophobic)  oh well… In this post, I will be focusing on Tangerines and Papaya or PawPaw as it’s fondly called especially in Nigeria.

Moving on….. Tangerines... these tiny but powerful fruit is fully packed with Vitamin C (I’m sure by now you know what that means *excited* if you don’t know by now you should read the other Posts on fruits…) and Vitamins A and B, Minerals which include Iron, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium.  Tangerines being rich in Antioxidants help prevent inflammation in the body and prevent the formation of free radicals that make unnecessary oxidation reactions possible.

We should consume more Tangerines, are you aware that as little as they are they fight Arthritis and skin diseases? They are high in Fiber and make for easy bowel movement, so eat them as much as you can; they also help heal minor wounds and cuts and slow aging process (vit. C which gives you a brighter skin).

The Vitamin A it contains moisturizes and conditions the scalp(the sebum which is secreted by sebaceous gland to make hair and skin waterproof & protect it from drying out). Tangerines help slow down greying process in the hair. They also promote hair growth as they help build collagen which is essential for hair growth (Vit.C content) and reduce hair loss. They also help  break down Iron for the body to absorb for healthy hair.

Tangerine oil improves blood circulation. Tangerines are good for pregnant women and their babies because they contain Vitamin B complex which keep in red blood cell formation in prenatal babies. They help maintain healthy blood pressure and fight infections simply by eating them daily.

Tangerine Recipe for Hair

Shiny, Healthy Hair: Apply Tangerine Juice with Coconut or any hair oil.

Papaya (PawPaw) contain enzymes (Papain) which break down protein and dissolve dead skins. Eating Pawpaws can help protect you against heart diseases, improve your eyesight and boost your body’s immune system. It is used in treating dark spots (apply mashed papaya on skin) and keeps skin hydrated (when you add a little honey to the mashed papaya)- moisturizes and treats dry skin.

Pawpaws are rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes as they contain Vitamins C, E, K, Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium. They are used in controlling Dandruff (recipe below). They nourish the hair shaft and help reduce thinning of the hair thereby preventing balding!! Pawpaw Mask can help add thickness, strength and shine to your hair. They also help remove build ups in hair of chemicals, dirt and oil safely from hair. The leaf extract from Papaya can be used as a conditioner.

Papaya (Pawpaw) Recipe for Hair

Dandruff: Blend 1 Pawpaw 

                           1/2 cup of yoghurt. Apply on hair and leave for 30mins and rinse.

Mask(Thick, shiny Hair): Blend 1 ripe Pawpaw

                                                  1 Banana

                                                  1 tbsp Coconut oil

                                                  1 cup of Yoghurt

                                                  1 tbsp Molasses. Leave in hair and cover with plastic cap and head scarf or towel for 1hr.

Wash normally with Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Thank you for stopping by or like I would normally say Graçias…. Don’t forget to look out for products that contain these fruits or make your own with one of our recipes….

As Always




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