Danish Cookie, Sweedish Delight

I should have named this, “how to effectively tour 2countries in less than 3days”. This was one of my impromptu trips. With less than 3 days to stay in the city, I was determined to make the best out of my visit to the Scandinavian side. I’m so glad I went with a few friends. My internet bailed on us so we resorted to paper maps, asking around and free wifi spots to get by! I was so relieved to find out that most people spoke english although I loved to hear them speak their national language – danish.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city filled with gardens and old architecture. Getting by with transportation is relatively easy, especially when you are a newbie. You can get a good tour of Copenhagen using bicycles or the underground or waterbuses. If you’re staying for up to 3days, I recommend you buy the 48-60hrs pass at the kiosk at the airport. 

What you need

To travel to Denmark or Sweden if you’re not European or holding a residence permit in one of the Schenghen countries, you may need a valid Schenghen visa in your passport with at least 6months validity. The Schenghen visa can be gotten from either countries and can be used to visit over 20 other countries in the Schenghen area.

Where to go

If you love nature you should visit Tivoli gardens which is close to the City hall or the botanical gardens. Strøget is another place in the heart of the city; it is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian street filled with all kinds of shops. You can end your day at Nyhavn and have relaxing cold beers with friends by the canal. Summer is usually amazing but if you don’t want the blazing heat, you might love to try arranging your trip by late spring, or late summer. If you love art or history, the city has some museums you can visit as well as palaces – Christiansborg Palace or Christianhavn.

The good thing about Copenhagen, is that you can take a day trip to one or two Sweedish cities. Make sure you carry your passport (which has your visa) and your permit if you have one before boarding the train to any city in Sweden from Copenhagen. Trains stop at the border and immigration would usually do a check. Some beautiful cities you can visit: Malmo which is about 20minutes and Helsingør which is an extra 20minutes or more.

A Day Trip to Malmo

You can take a day trip to Malmö to take in a bit of Sweedish architecture like the Turning Torso; stop at Hyllie station to see one of the biggest mall in the Scandanavia, Emporia. Don’t forget to look out the train while you’re on the Oresund bridge headed to Sweden for breathtaking sites of nature. You can also make a stop at the Triangln Station to take a picture by the ‘Point of view’ sculpture and see beautiful old architecture. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs and danish cookies before you leave.

Where to stay

In Copenhagen you can try booking an Airbnb or hostels such as Hotel Cabin Metro especially if you want to save some money. There is the Radisson Blu, Crowne Plaza and other hotels if you want a hotel, not far from the city center.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Copenhagen and Malmo. If you’ve been or plan to, we’ll love to hear about it… please shoot us an email or leave a comment. You can subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on interesting stories and vacation packages or inspirations coming soon. We’ll be delighted if you follow us on instagram and twitter… always thrilled making new friends!

Until next time….

Bisous! Inma


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