Tourist Places in the DMV

This is for all my people living in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) area who are looking for a mini get-away or want to feel a bit like tourists. Good news! You can be a tourist at home.

Here are a few places you can take a day trip to enjoy the sights, sun and people.

  1. The National Harbor

This is a place you can take a trip to in a day with your girl/man/crew, whoever you’ld like to have fun with… Located in in Oxon Hill, Prince George’s County, Maryland- just south of Washington, D.C. near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.  It’s a great place to dine, for date nights and for fun. There are loads of restaurants and you get a beautiful waterfront breezy atmosphere too.

2. Ocean City

This is for all those who like water sports or feel like a beach vacay… The city is a pretty sight and it’s not far from the area. A resort town located in the state of Maryland between the Atlantic Ocean and Isle of Wight Bay. It has a themed-park, beaches, shops and restaurants. Highly recommended if you can’t afford a trip to Florida or don’t have enough holiday days off work or school. You can also get to jet ski or ride a boat or other water games available. Great also for a family vacation.

3. Downtown DC

Are you down for some American history lessons? Downtown DC is the place to be. You can join a walking or scooter tour or do the tour yourselves. Get to ride the metro! There’s a lot to see: from the White House, the Smithsonian Museum, Madame Tussauds, to Abraham Lincoln memorial (yes to those who watch Scandal)… You get to play Olivia and Papa Pope! It’s also filled with offices of international organizations as well as other museums.

There’s many more to explore around you, if you look closely like Six flags(oops! I forgot to include pictures). Thank you for stopping by! Don’t forget: to stay updated on exciting cities or vacation packages, please follow us on Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog! We’ll be glad to have you join our Travel family!

Until next time…

Bisous! Inma


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