A mini tourist guide to Bratislava

Fun Travel Fact:

“You can take a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna, Prague or Budapest for less than 30euros!” – Knots about Travel

Lemme tell you a story of what we did when we found ourselves in Bratislava.

On our way to Budapest from Prague, 3 young chaps decided to make a quick stop at a little city called ‘Bratislava’. In case you did not know, it’s a city in Slovakia. We had only heard about the name but did not know what to expect of the city. Off we went, out of the bus and into the city… we had googled a few things to do, the rest we let our adventurous spirits be our guide. A few things we discovered.

What to see?

  • Beautiful cake-edible like-looking buildings: Headed to the old town to see the buildings which looked too pretty; they looked like cake, and were painted in fun colors! You can take a nice stroll in the city center.
  • The Blue cathedral: This we had heard so much about so we google-mapped our directions, with unstable internet connections- many thanks to downloadable city maps and translation apps to help with communication.
  • Street graffiti: we found one cute painting while navigating our way to the city centre
  • Statues: Ofcourse we had to take a photo with the statue citizens of the town, especially Čumil- the man at work looking out from the hole on the ground

Where to eat?

  • Food: We followed the crowd on this one… looking for where to eat we had to look at where the crowd was going (not always a good choice btw). We found a really cool spot to eat – Urban House, where the food and service was great.
  • Bratislava Letters: This one we bumped into unintentionally. While waiting on our bus to arrive, we saw the letters! With excitement, we turned the spot into a photo shoot!

Travel tips:

  1. Always download the city map and have google translation app available so you don’t get lost.
  2. The trip from Prague to Budapest becomes really interesting if you make this stop to Bratislava. It is also close to Vienna too.
  3. A bus ticket will usually cost less than 20 euros for the trip from Prague or Budapest. You can take a day trip from either destinations.
  4. Check the weather to know what clothing to pack
  5. Don’t forget to take pictures

Have you been? Is it on your bucket list? Do tell! I hope you get inspired to visit after this read. Thank you for stopping by!

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Until next time…

Bisous, Inma!


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