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dsc_0261Last month I had the chance to spend one of the Muslim festival holidays in Dubai. Before I started packing, I checked my weather app to see what the weather was like, which ended up being hotter than my Country of origin-Nigeria. I had to write a list of what I needed (I learnt that from my mom so you don’t forget anything).I chose clothing’s with very light fabric, my toiletries and of course I had a hard time figuring what to pack for my fro. Since the weather was similar to one I was used to and I had my hair braided in two parts after seriously moisturizing (because of the weather I was about to face).  Image (1)

Here’s what I put together:-

Leave in conditioner

Castor oil

Bobby pins and hair band

Edge control

My bottle of mixture- jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera juice, dark and lovely super softening hair butter and of course a huge amount of water.

I had wanted to carry my co-wash to give my hair a nice long wash at the hotel but I changed my mind because we had a lot planned out with very limited time.

DSC_0396 First, lemme take a celfie!!

By the 2nd day after I got to Dubai, I loosened my braids and tried to use the leave in to style my hair I realized the conditioner I brought to try out was just a conditioner and not a leave in!! I did not write comb or brush in my list so I had none of those… Initially I thought it was going to be a disaster  but then I had to have my hair in different updo’s and finger-combed my hair all through.

Humidity had the best of my hair but I moisturized day & night to fight back,the mix saved my hair. Spent 4days and I wished it wouldn’t ever end! Travelled with one of the coolest friends (who are more like family);there was never a dull moment, I laughed till my lungs began to ache & almost everyone got new nicknames.

I must say Dubai is a really beautiful place to visit.I loved the weather because I wanted to tan(which everyone didn’t get why)…Practically went to all the tourist attractions…Really wanted to go to Abu dhabi to the Ferrari world but couldn’t cos the time was so short….Anyhoos maybe next time.

The Atlantis
The Atlantis view at night
Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in the world)
Dinner is served!!
Dinner is served!!

Added a lil’ sum’n sum’n for you guys- the vid of the dancing fountain—>>




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