Hey guys…..

Styling your mane always seems like a huge huge task….whether its for work, a party, a wedding or some outing. Its good to get creative, explore your creative side, if you think you can’t be then it’s always nice and easier to draw inspiration from others- through blogs, pictures or social media!

Whether it be protective styles or low manipulative styles, they help you avoid frequent combing and brushing for a period of time, saving you from hair breakage!

Here are few styles we were able to come up this past week,we hope you’re inspired…

Transitioning?For work….Twist the front,pin it as you desire and wrap the rest at the back to the side(use bobby pins)
TWA style..for any occasion. Cornrow the sides and do twist outs in the middle(use Cantu curling cream or Shea moisture curling smoothie with Eco styler gel for long lasting look).
Image (2)
You can cornrow in any design and do bantu knots in the middle.It could be carried like this or loosen the knots for a different look.(You can use Au Naturale hair butter/Cantu Curling Cream/SheaMoisture Curling Smoothie to achieve this)
Transitioning?For weddings or dinners.You’ll need a lot of bobby pins tho….(flat twists on the sides, a cornrow in the middle and curls by the front)
Image (3)
A bun with twisted out tips and pinned twists infront….Work…
Transitioning?A very easy updo….French braid at the back and twists on the sides.

As always…..




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