Natural Hair Care for Harmattan Season

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Once we get into December, a lot of places especially those up North like Abuja, Kaduna and places close to the North like Enugu start to feel a change in the weather. The rains stop and the dry cold breeze sweeps across the Sahara to us. During the day we feel the harshness of the Sun almost ‘literally’ burning our skin, the air is very dry, everywhere slowly becoming too dusty for words, our skin becomes dry & cracky making us apply more cream than normal on our bodies for moisture and in the night, the cold dry breeze sweeps across our rooms through the windows.

This is the season where moisture is highly needed not just for our bodies but for our hair as well. The change in weather would make our hair feel dry, bristle, frizzy and longing for MOISTURE!!

Here are a few easy tips to help you through this season.


-Moisturize your Hair before you go to bed, from root to tip!! You can a little more at the tip as its more prone to breakage. To this you can apply a little bit of water to dampen your hair (not dripping ),

-Divide your hair into sections then apply Leave-in conditioner section after section.

-Oil your scalp with either of your choice oils but we recommend Jojoba oil for moisture as it helps to trap in moisture or Castor oil to promote hair growth (remember it’s just a recommendation, you can use any oils you have it mustn’t be any of these just incase you do not have them)

-Try twisting your hair in different partitions to make it easier to style in the morning.

-Cover your hair with a Satin scarf/bonnet before you go to bed


-Get a Spray bottle and make a mix for an easier morning routine.

-Put water halfway in the bottle

-Add a teaspoon of any two oils like coconut oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, olive oil jojoba or carrot oil.

-Add a tablespoon of your moisturizer e.g leave in conditioner or hair butter

-Shake the mix together and spray your hair in sections every morning before styling.

This way it’ll keep your hair moisturized and ready to combat the weather all through the day.


Don’t forget to add deep conditioning or applying hair masque(bought or homemade) in your wash routine for the month to help during this weather. Also you could chip in hot oil treatment before your wash.


Do low manipulative styles or protective styling this season. Remember if you have to put braids on, don’t forget to insist that the edges are not held too tightly!Save your edges!!! If you’re using a wig, don’t forget to do the moisturizing routine day and night on the cornrows and the tips of the hair!

Suggested Products

Leave-in Conditioners: Shea Moisture Black Jamaican Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner

Eden Body Works Coconut or Jojoba Leave-in Conditioner

Oils-  Tropic Isle Living  Black Jamaican Castor oil

Okay Black Jamaican Castor oil

Jojoba oil

Carrot oil

Eden Body Works Tea tree Oil

Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth oil

Hair Butter-   Au Naturale Anti Breakage Super Softening Hair Butter

Water- From your Tap or bottle

Edge Control- Eden Body Works Coconut Control Edge Glaze

Olive Oil Edge Control

Creme of Nature Edge Control

Deep Conditioner-  Eden Body Works Deep Conditioner

Tropic Isle Living Black Castor oil Protein conditioner

Don’t forget you can order them from our store! Details in About us…

We hope you have a wonderful time this season as well as your hair!

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