Faux Locks Behaviour!!!

I have been longing to do artificial dreads on my hair with kinky braid extensions, so I asked around. Usually the one I know they do some sort of sewing and I’ve been reluctant to do that because it takes time to get it done and take it out and I have a strong feeling that it’ll cut your hair when you’re taking it out.

So I was bored one evening and decided to try a style on just to see if it’ll turn out as dreads (yeah I love experimenting and I couldn’t watch any video at this point due to lack of data on my phone)…To my greatest surprise it turned out exactly how the one I really wanted was…. I had done it!!! I had found the formula!!! (forgive me as I sometimes think of myself as a scientist in the lab looking for a new formula or breakthrough…lol..)….

How the Hair turned out... It's about 3weeks here tho...couldn't take a nice pic solo when I made it...
How the Hair turned out… It’s about 3weeks here tho…couldn’t take a nice pic solo when I made it…

So I thought it’ll be really nice to share…. it’s easy to put on and very easy to take it off… I figured your hair would look straightened out when you take it out. Your hair would be protected and it’ll be pretty easy to oil your scalp whenever you want to. I said to myself “Self?” Myself said  “Hmmmnnn?” (one of my fave lines from Tyler Perry’s comedy-Meet the Browns), “This is gon be my signature style or my new fave style!!!” Yay Me!!!….

Faux locks off...Length check...Had it for almost 4weeks...
Faux locks off…Length check…Had it for almost 4weeks…

I’ll do a youtube video of how to achieve the style (which will be pretty soon) but here’s how I treated my hair after I took them off….

The locks grew on me!!! Love how my hair actually looked locked...
The locks grew on me!!! Love how my hair actually looked locked…

Hope you enjoyed the Holidays….Happy New Year!!!


As always




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