Winter Getaway 2015!!!


Everyone loves a getaway no matter how far or close it is, especially when it’s to a destination with almost perfect weather or at the least, one better than where you are. Whether its it’s the harmattan you are faced with or the cold snow, this period your hair would require more TLC (Tender loving care) than other seasons. You would realize your hair will become dry, frizzy annoying and brittle… breaking at every chance it gets…Not to worry, here are a few tips and tricks you should know if you are stuck in weathers such as these and also little tips to note when planning a getaway. Will be vacaying in a couple of days to somewhere really nice, hope to blog about it soon… Enjoy…..

Stuck in the weather?

So if you’re stuck in the harmattan or the snow, you should note that you would need to make sure your hair is moisturized as often as possible…Double the times if you must- if you moisturized once in two days moisturize three time everyday. Don’t forget WATER is your best moisturizer and every other product you tend to use must contain WATER (AQUA)!!!

Oils DO NOT moisturize, they seal in the moisture so don’t think because you used castor oil or some sort of oil your hair is moisturized, that’s wrong. To make it easier, you could do a mix in your spray bottle which should consist of mainly Water, then a little moisturizing product and oil so you can moisturize on-the-go!!

Deep condition and CoWash during this period and also use protein treatments, hot oil treatments, Trim your ends and please please please condition and oil your ends;also do a TEA rinse (see the Post- My “Hair Wash” Experiment)!!

Suggested Products


Moisturizers–  Eden Body Works All Natural Pudding Souffle

                         Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey

                         Eden Body Works Peppermint Hair Milk

                         Eden Body Works All Natural Leave-In Conditioners

                         Dark & Lovely (Moisture LOC)Super Quench Leave In Spray

                         Dark & Lovely (Anti-Breakage)Super Softening Hair Butter

                         Miss Jessie’s Baby ButterMilk

                         Miss Jessie’s Leave in Condish

                         Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave in Moisturizer

Planning a Getaway?


~Check how much you have saved up and how much you would like to spend.

~Calculate intended expenses leaving space for emergencies.

~Check websites for deals on holiday spots, hotel accommodation or car rental!!

~How long you would like to spend and look up “must visit”areas in the destination you choose.You should also read reviews.

~You should know what the weather is like at your destination, it’ll help you know what to put in your luggage. If it’s the same with where you’re leaving then put the same natural hair products; if it’s nice and warm, don’t forget to pack your spray bottle mix, a moisturizer and an oil to seal. You should also carry a wig or put your hair in a protective style if you don’t want styling to get in your way of the vacation.

Suggested Products

Oils-                  Hair Hope Growth oil (dry or normal)

                          Tropic Isle Living Red Pimento oil

                          Mango & Lime Coconut JBCO

Don’t forget to draw up a list so you do not forget things like chargers, credit cards, wallet, combs and scarf!!. You should either wash or co wash your hair before you leave so you’ll have super clean hair….

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