A “Fruit”ful Hair….Literally!!!

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Happy Easter to everyone and If you live in this part of the world, Nigeria especially, you would’ve enjoyed a long weekend during this season.. I hope you spent it with family….I had too much to eat and drink, and too much of Jesus’ movies esp. the Passion of the Christ. On Saturday I went to a friends’ and it ended up being a mini photo shoot which I would write about eventually…enough of me How did you spend your easter?

Anyways let’s get back to the main business of the day…Fruits!!!In this Post, we’ll be looking at Blueberries and Grapes!! who’s excited as me? I dunno if anyone ever tried Blueberry and pomegranate smoothie? Awesome!! was addicted to it for a whole year (the one made by Mc Donalds’ ) buh I guess I’ve been saved!!hehehehe

So sorry I drifted again…. I’m focused now…. Yes where were we?…….

Blueberries.…is very helpful in hair growth because it contain Vitamin B complex and C which are essential for improved circulation of oxygen and blood to the scalp and body. It also helps reduce hair breakage. It also contains Anthocyanidins ( I learnt is a Plant chemical) which interacts with hair follicles to accelerate hair growth.

If you’re looking for thick and healthy hair, blueberries are a good bet as they slow down hair aging process! They contain Fiber which helps reduce belly fat and are rich in Antioxidants!!Blueberries help keep you young physically and mentally as it helps your brain function better. it also helps restore damaged skin,nourishes your skin and keeping it looking healthy,all these functions simply by eating them!!

They can be used as a natural conditioner as the vitamin C in it stimulates the production of sebum follicles (and are added in products to give this effect).It also fights radicals in the body and prevents hair loss. Maybe I should try a mix of blended Blueberries with Banana and Olive or Coconut oil, I’m guessing my hair would be super *coughs*…wait till I try it!!

Suggested Products

Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly Yes To Blueberry Healthy Hair Repair Conditioner

Grapes whether they be Green, Red , Black or whatever color they come in your area are rich in quite a number of Vitamins like A,C, E and K. It also contains natural Antioxidants which encourage hair growth as they help increase blood circulation in the scalp. Grape seed oil makes hair manageable and shiny as it is light, doesn’t leave residue and is easily absorbed into scalp; regular application helps in treatment of Dandruff as it removes dry flakes. It treats split ends, brittleness, hair breakage, combats hair loss (Vit. C) and strengthens hair follicles.

Eating Grapes can help cure migraine, helps in overcoming constipation, prevents breast cancer and indigestion. It helps cure uneven skin tones, rejuvenate skin cells and softens skin.

Suggested Products

Grape Seed Oil

I hope you’ve learnt a thing or more from the Post….Have a ‘fruit’ful week guys!!

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