Dry Hair in need? of moisture in deed?

Dry hair is a common hair problem and there are a number of reasons why Your hair feels dry and brittle. This problem is, sometimes, as a result of lack of moisture in the hair strands, one’s hair texture/level of porosity (Read more here wp.me/p4R2Xu-2w   ) and the application of harsh chemicals on hair like perms/relaxers, hair dyes, sulfate shampoos and heat!  At other times it may be due the wrong application of a process for example- excessive use of heavy products without cleansing from build up, not drinking a required amount of water, sleeping on or with materials like cotton which steals the moisture from the hair or even too much manipulation of the hair!

Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to get that hair all healthy and moisturized…..

One out of everyone experiencing this problem falls into one of the above mentioned category…and to find a remedy or a cure (lol singing “love is wicked”-Brick &Lace forgive me…) you have to find the cause of your hair’s dryness.

If you don’t use any harsh chemicals, could it be that it’s from the porosity of your hair?or your moisturizers are not water based? or you hardly deep condition or use cleansing shampoos after excessive pile of products on your hair? or? I can go on and on…. So which is it? where do you fall?

Water!!! Water!! Water!! should be your best friend during this process…Drink it, Spritz it on your hair, make sure it’s part of the contents of any moisturizing products of yours….Bottom line- Love and Live it!!!

Eat healthy, exercise and add fruits to your diet and regimen, especially ones that help to moisturize! Read our Fruits,Vegs et Toi? posts on the blog.

Don’t shampoo too much( co-wash more often than you shampoo) and please make sure your shampoo doesn’t contain sulfate. 

Deep Condition regularly especially in the dry season. You can prepare your own DC at home with Avocado, Banana, olive oil and honey.

When buying moisturizers, ensure they contain Water/Aqua; they must be water based.

Do hot oil treatments, Pre poos. Endeavor to seal in moisture with natural oil e.g jojoba, shea, olive, castor oil, after moisturizing.

Do rinses sometimes with Cold water(opens up pores), Green tea(reduces shedding of hair)or Apple cider Vinegar.

Try the Max Hydration Method!!! Google it, your hair will thank you.

Stop using harsh towels or materials on hair;we recommend the use of an old t-shirt to dry wet hair and satin bonnet/scarf and pillowcases to sleep.

Finally reduce manipulation on hair, try protective or low manipulation styles and please do not forget to moisturize while at it.

Suggested Products


Dark and Lovely (Au Naturale) L.O.C (Super Quench Leave in Spray, Soak it up Oil Cocktail, Lock it in Sealing Cream)

Dark and Lovely  (Au Naturale) Super Softening Hair Butter

Eden Body Works (Coconut Shea) Leave in Conditioner

Eden Body Works (Jojoba) Deep Conditioner

Tropic Isle Living Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Pantene (Truly Natural Hair) CoWash Cleansing Conditioner

Eden Body Works (Coconut Shea) All Natural Cleansing CoWash

Shea Moisture Super fruit Complex (Sulfate free) Shampoo

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

Thanks for stopping by again and I hope you learnt a thing or two…. Don’t forget you can order any of these products by clicking here —->> http://knotteebynature1.wix.com/knotteebynature

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