Nuts About Hair!!!

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Ok… I got introduced Almonds addiction by a friend of mine who was trying to lose a few pounds and needed something healthy to snack on. I took the first handful and from then on couldn’t stop!! or like my aunt who also got addicted to it would say,’it’s chop one chop two’ (with a nigerian pidgin accent btw)hahahaha… I also tried to get addicted to Pistachios but it kinda got contained cos twas a lil’ bit pricier than Almonds, but boy!!! do they taste good especially the ones that have got a bit of salt and pepper in them…hmmmm yum yum!!

We would be looking at the benefits of these nuts in this Posts…I hope you get addicted as I did…Just kidding but really tho’ they are a perfect alternative to ‘junk’,especially in the middle of the night when you start getting hunger signals from your belly. A fun way of eating them is as desert- puddings or in FroYo (frozen yoghurt) or muffins…delish!! Oh and I heard Almond milk is healthy too.

Moving on.

Almonds are rich in Vitamins (A,B1,B2, B6, D and E) and Minerals (Copper,Magnesium,Iron,Manganese..). Eating them can help protect against diabetes, lowers cholesterol and prevents cancer. They can assist in stabilizing blood sugar when eaten after meals. They contain Fiber which helps detoxify your body and Folic Acid which is a defense against defects during birth. They are rich in Antioxidants which protect cells from damage by free radicals in the body. You can find these nuts in most supermarkets in Nigeria or elsewhere and maybe a little expensive (in Nigeria) because they are usually imported but are sure as worth it!

Almonds clear impurities from skin (when used as a scrub), treats stretch marks and reduces wrinkles in the eye area.

Almond (oil) helps control frizz (Vit. E content) without making the hair greasy, penetrating deep into hair shaft to soften scalp tissue(Vit A). It fights Dandruff- moisturizing the scalp and removing flakiness,  also promotes hair growth (contains Biotin)and strengthens hair! Almond (oil) helps prevent hair loss and cures hair fall as well.

Almond Recipe for Hair

DandruffMix Almond Oil and Neem Oil. Rubb on scalp overnight and wash off in the morning.

Long, Thick HairMix 3Tbsp Almond Oil

                                    2Tbsp Castor oil. Apply on scalp as often as you can.

Hair Fall Pre-poo with Almond oil, and Lavender or Rosemary oil. Heat the mixture a little and apply on scalp when it’s a lil’ warm. Wash out normally, then shampoo and condition hair.

Suggested Products 

Now Solutions Sweet Almond oil

Pistachios are oh so healthy and yummy (well, that’s for me cos I have a friend who feels differently). When I eat them I tell myself ‘here’s your own dose of protein for the day’, especially those times when I’ve had an overdose of carbohydrates (rice,if not that it’s yam or garri…you feel me?).

Anyhoos, these nuts which are kinda greenish on the inside and covered with hard shells on the outside are very healthy.They contain Vitamins (A,B6,B12 and C), Protein, Phosphorous and Magnesium. Apparently, the body has good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, Pistachios helps reduce the bad ones and increase the good ones, thus preventing Heart diseases. Eating Pistachios boosts immunity and help make brain more active. They also make you look young as they fight aging process and give you a healthy skin.

Pistachios are good in treating split ends, color damaged or dehydrated hair. Because of the Vitamins it contains, it helps combat hair loss, moisturizes and stimulates growth of healthy strands while strengthening your hair!!

Pistachios Recipe for Hair

Mix  6tbsp Pistachio oil

       3tbsp Walnut oil, Heat in microwave. Apply to scalp and leave for minimum 1hr, then wash regularly with lukewarm water.

Don’t forget to check ingredients for products that contain these.

Thank you for taking time out to read this, I hope it was helpful…feel free to leave your comment or email us…




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