DIY Recipes for PrePoo

In case you didn’t know ‘prepoo’ (short for pre shampoo), is very beneficial for the hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural (unpermed/unrelaxed), relaxed/chemically processed or colored/bleached. It’ll do your hair a lot of good!! Wondering what exactly this is? It is the process of applying conditioning treatments such as conditioners, humectants and/or oils on hair prior to washing (either shampoo or cowash). It … Continue reading DIY Recipes for PrePoo

10 Essential Tools 4 Natural Hair

Yay!!  the Nigerian Independence day’s near!! whoop whoop!! Remember to check the Post on October 1st for the Giveaway procedure…. Now back to the Post for today….

A brief list of the basic tools you’ll be needing as a natural ‘haired’ human (*chuckles*)…not that this is the whole list, it’s what we call essential ‘must haves’ and the good part is they are cheap and can be found in beauty supply stores near you!!

Buckle up!!..

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Essential Oils for Healthy Natural Hair

Happy New Month guys!!

Did you know that not all oils are good for your hair? Mineral oil and Petroleum oil, for example, dries out moisture from the hair and scalp which would, with time, lead to dry hair making the hair prone to breakage, dandruff etc…So in this Post, I’ll be sharing a little on a few of some of the essential oils and how they contribute to the health of your hair; at the end I hope we would add these to our list of hair product essentials and look out for products that contain these….

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Nuts About Hair!!!

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Ok… I got introduced Almonds addiction by a friend of mine who was trying to lose a few pounds and needed something healthy to snack on. I took the first handful and from then on couldn’t stop!! or like my aunt who also got addicted to it would say,’it’s chop one chop two’ (with a nigerian pidgin accent btw)hahahaha… I also tried to get addicted to Pistachios but it kinda got contained cos twas a lil’ bit pricier than Almonds, but boy!!! do they taste good especially the ones that have got a bit of salt and pepper in them…hmmmm yum yum!!

We would be looking at the benefits of these nuts in this Posts…I hope you get addicted as I did…Just kidding but really tho’ they are a perfect alternative to ‘junk’,especially in the middle of the night when you start getting hunger signals from your belly. A fun way of eating them is as desert- puddings or in FroYo (frozen yoghurt) or muffins…delish!! Oh and I heard Almond milk is healthy too.

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