Hair-Healthy Diet feat. Black Eyed Beans…

We’ve been MIA sorta but we’re back and in this Post we’ll be looking at incorporating some foods that help boost hair growth into our diet. Hair healthy diet will affect the new growth and not the part of the hair already visible, it simply means when you consume some of these foods in a regular or good (not excessive) dose,the new hair growing under will be better, much stronger and healthier than the ones that you can see already. They help fortify the hair structure to avoid split ends and dry unhealthy hair.

Let’s dig in, you ready?

Shrimp 172779095

Shrimps are filled with Vitamins A, B6,B12, E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Iron,Calcium,Zinc, Potassium,Phosphorous, Iodine and Omega 3 Fatty acid. TheyThey are low in calories, zero carbs and contain Protein and water and thus are great food for people who want to lose weight.

Did you know that including Shrimps in your diet is very beneficial!The nutrients they contain contribute a lot to the health of hair as it contains Iron, Zinc and Vitamins which help create and maintain new cells, produce/ help in the circulation of blood to the scalp, thus preventing hair loss and increase healthy hair growth.

They also contribute to brain health, good bones, anti aging skin and the Iron helps increase oxygen flow to the brain, scalp and hair follicles.

Caution: Don’t forget too much of anything is bad.Shrimps contain mercury which are hazardous, so when consuming, it should be balanced out. Watch out for food allergies.

back eyed beans

Black eyed Beans, one of my favorite foods btw (although I hated it growing up) are filled with Vitamins- A,B, C, Folic acid, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Phosphorous, Fiber and of course Protein…just as shrimps!

Eating them regularly can help you maintain a healthy hair and add shine to it. Because of the nutrients they contain they help fight hair loss and boost hair growth rate!! Since the hair has protein as a vital component,Keratin, imagine what eating foods with protein would do…hmmm? I think I might be eating more proteins in my diet, yourself?

They also help maintain cholesterol level, regulate blood sugar level, get rid of free radicals in the body and are very good for weight loss.

Here is a little recipe of how I like to make my Beans and Shrimps, you can try it out too.

Shrimps and Beans Recipe for Hair


1Pack of Black Eyed Beans

1/2 pack of shrimps (I like to buy already boiled)

Salt and Seasoning

Pepper and Onions

11/2 Tbsp of crayfish (ground)

Palm oil

Wash the beans and pour into a 1/2 filled pot of boiling water. Add your crayfish, pepper and cut onion into the pot and allow to cook. Add your seasoning and salt to taste in 30mins and allow to cook till soft. Add the shrimps when a lost done with a little more water so it won’t be too dry. Also add a little Palm oil and cover pot till it cooks. Stir after 15mins and allow to simmer.

Voila!!Its ready to eat…Bon appetit!!

We hope this Post was helpful and we hope you incorporate more proteins to your diet. Enjoy the rest of your week…




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