A Transitioners’ Guide To Becoming Natural


There is absolutely no right or wrong way to go natural, well of course as long as your hair is relaxer free. Some people prefer the Big Chop method(the process where they cut all or most of their hair to start afresh); Others prefer the Transitioning method (process where the stop the use of relaxers and let the new hair grow out alongside the relaxed part, trimming the ends as they grow till all the relaxed part is finally cut off).

In the Transitioning method two different textures are being dealt with and I believe is a little more difficult to maintain at first than the Big Chop method. Here are few things you’ll need to know before choosing the Transitioning method. Continue reading “A Transitioners’ Guide To Becoming Natural”

Hair-Healthy Diet feat. Black Eyed Beans…

We’ve been MIA sorta but we’re back and in this Post we’ll be looking at incorporating some foods that help boost hair growth into our diet. Hair healthy diet will affect the new growth and not the part of the hair already visible, it simply means when you consume some of these foods in a regular or good (not excessive) dose,the new hair growing under will be better, much stronger and healthier than the ones that you can see already. Continue reading “Hair-Healthy Diet feat. Black Eyed Beans…”

My Natural Hair Journey Musings- Mirabelle of Pix-elatedpassion.com

Whoop!! Whoop!! It’s been exactly 1year today when we wrote the first Post on our Blog!! To say “Thank you” to all our readers, here’s a Post from a friend Mirabelle (our guest blogger) to help with the struggles of transition–>big chop–> maintaining natural hair!! You can also check out her blog –>> pix-elatedpassion.com …

Thank you again!!! Cheers..xx

My natural hair journey is the bumpiest trip I have ever been on. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the ride. It has been fun, it has been frustrating and it has been everything in between. It all started in mid-2013 after I decided to stop using relaxers, transition and then do the big chop. Continue reading “My Natural Hair Journey Musings- Mirabelle of Pix-elatedpassion.com”

Just Beet It… (Fruits, Vegs et Toi?V)

Beets by who? Face HairBeet…. Anyone ever heard of Beetroot? but I bet you know what Oats are yeah? either ways, this Post will be enlightening you a bit on how important these two are and how fabulously beneficial they are on your hair.A few Recipes for hair will also be provided…. Let’s get it over with (*dusts hands and rolls sleeve…*) Continue reading “Just Beet It… (Fruits, Vegs et Toi?V)”