Knowing Your HAIR in 60 seconds..#MoreIsMoreWithLess

I love to get information (but of course, information is key…who are we kidding?..lmao) but I prefer a hurried process or what we Nigerians would call ‘sharp sharp‘(hehehe).Reading a long Post isn’t my thing except in a critical time when every detail matters, asides that I’m kinda a ‘sharp sharp‘ person (I believe the english word is ‘Impatience‘…don’t blame me I’m Nigerian…hahahaha).

If you’re like me, then this Post is for you… Here’s a lil’ summary of your hair in 60seconds or a lil’ more…For a longer read, click here

Less is More is Less

MORE—->>Too Much Moisture?

Does Your Hair- feel soft, ‘mushy’,limp especially when it is wet?

                           find it difficult holding it’s curl or style well?

                           feel elastic?stretches a lot, breaks but has to stretch first before?

What to do? You’ll need more Protein treatment in your regime for a better structure &stronger hair! You can read foods and fruits that would add nutrients for a healthier hair.


Does Your Hair– hold style very well?

                          break a little bit or rarely?

                          stretch a little bit and doesn’t break when returning to it’s original length?

What to do? The moisture and protein is balanced, all you need to do is maintain them, combine protein & moisture into your regime.

LESS —–>> Too Much Protein?

Does Your Hair- break easily both in wet & dry conditions?

                           feel like straw?very rough, tough & brittle?harsh?

                           hardly stretches?experiencing too much breakage?

What to do? You lack moisture, add moisturizing into your regime.See more here..

Once you pick a category, what you need to remember is–

{Hair that has} MORE PROTEIN means MORE MOISTURE with LESS PROTEIN products

{Hair that has }MORE MOISTURE means MORE PROTEIN with LESS MOISTURE products

This is one of the very few times I love to be ‘stuck in the middle’!!! #LessIsMore #MoreIsLess #StuckInTheMiddle

I really do appreciate you stopping by to read this, hope it was helpful….Enjoy the rest of your week!!

As Always




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