Knowing Your HAIR in 60 seconds..#MoreIsMoreWithLess

I love to get information (but of course, information is key…who are we kidding?..lmao) but I prefer a hurried process or what we Nigerians would call ‘sharp sharp‘(hehehe).Reading a long Post isn’t my thing except in a critical time when every detail matters, asides that I’m kinda a ‘sharp sharp‘ person (I believe the english word is ‘Impatience‘…don’t blame me I’m Nigerian…hahahaha).

If you’re like me, then this Post is for you… Here’s a lil’ summary of your hair in 60seconds or a lil’ more…For a longer read, click here

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My Natural Hair Journey Musings- Mirabelle of

Whoop!! Whoop!! It’s been exactly 1year today when we wrote the first Post on our Blog!! To say “Thank you” to all our readers, here’s a Post from a friend Mirabelle (our guest blogger) to help with the struggles of transition–>big chop–> maintaining natural hair!! You can also check out her blog –>> …

Thank you again!!! Cheers..xx

My natural hair journey is the bumpiest trip I have ever been on. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the ride. It has been fun, it has been frustrating and it has been everything in between. It all started in mid-2013 after I decided to stop using relaxers, transition and then do the big chop. Continue reading “My Natural Hair Journey Musings- Mirabelle of”

Gingered Hair Growth? (Fruits, Veg et Toi?IV)

Who likes Ginger? I know that I do…Have u ever had Ginger cake before or Ginger cookies? I remember my mom started putting them in her pot of stew and it gave it a nice twist. Anyways, in this Post we will see read a little on how Ginger can save our hair and Green/String Beans as well and have you running to the market/store to get them! Continue reading “Gingered Hair Growth? (Fruits, Veg et Toi?IV)”

Fruits, Vegs et Toi?(Phase III)

Who loves Cranberries? Cranberry juice has been one of my fave juices way before knowing it’s benefits, now I’m aware, I love it even more!! Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing fruit and how beneficial it will be to you when you incorporate it into your meals, you’ll also have to be careful not to go overboard in its consumption (out of excitement).We’ll also be writing a little something about Lettuce, a veggie that’s important to your hair and body because of the nutrients it contains and reasons why it should be in your meals regularly…

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