How Going Natural Saved My Hair:I almost went Bald ~Mareh

Have you heard the different stories why people go natural? Would you go natural if your relaxed hair were falling off? or are experiencing too much breakage and thinning? or if your hair isn’t growing at all?

We caught up with a client/friend of KnotteeByNature who had a very interesting story she wished to share… We hope you learn a thing or two from this…mine is ‘be open to learning new stuff and never give up in what we think is the worst case scenario- after all wherelse is there to go when you’re at the bottom, but upwards!!’.

Here’s what she told me…

I used to have a lot of relaxed hair for as long as I can remember until a few year back. I had relaxed my hair, which I did usually twice a year, but this time was different!  My hair kept breaking each time, it was very dry, coarse and thinning out! I tried reducing manipulation on the hair but nothing changed.

Out of Frustration,I changed hairstylist to a new one who advised me to go natural and stop the use of relaxers, that it may have been expired relaxer that I had used that caused this(my mom had earlier advised me to do this but I said never!)then he introduced me to Syntonic products. When I used them to wash and condition my hair,while I combed a lot of hair fell off especially from the middle!!(mostly of the relaxed parts). I’m not sure why (I thought it was part of the transitioning, later I found out it wasn’t necessarily). My hair didn’t pull from the roots so I definitely wasn’t going bald.

The mere thought that I had no choice but to cut the hair frustrated me even further.How was I to live with ‘low cut’?I kept using wigs, did nothing to the hair and kept hoping for a miracle for almost year, until I spoke with Jasmine of KnotteeByNature.

We had a good chat, the good thing was I had an open mind- determined to restore my hair back to a better state. She asked the products I was using, informed me of harmful ingredients contained in products and helped me know my hair better. Thankfully she had a blog where she talked about Natural Hair care, introduced me to foods,fruits,oils, water for healthy hair and made products for natural hair care readily available at a price to fit your budget(although I disturbed her all the time on blackberry chat,she was always willing to help out and explain)!!!

My hair went from almost bald to full and amazing!! Can’t wait for it to get to a longer length to explore more fun styles!

My advise to people in my shoes or those struggling- Hang in there!! Don’t give up on your hair, take care of it, it’ll grow! and don’t forget to check out @knotteebynature on Instagram for hair tips and also the blog for hair care information.

Here’s my Journey in a Picture since January 2014 till date….tthank you KnotteeByNature!!”


We love happy clients!!You can also tell (email) us your story we’ll love to hear!!Enjoy the rest of your week

With Love (Reporting Live from Abuja,Nigeria)



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