10 Essential Tools 4 Natural Hair

Yay!!  the Nigerian Independence day’s near!! whoop whoop!! Remember to check the Post on October 1st for the Giveaway procedure…. Now back to the Post for today….

A brief list of the basic tools you’ll be needing as a natural ‘haired’ human (*chuckles*)…not that this is the whole list, it’s what we call essential ‘must haves’ and the good part is they are cheap and can be found in beauty supply stores near you!!

Buckle up!!..


Hair Stopper: Did you they existed?Yeah they do, they look like the sink drain. It’s important you have them so you don’t get your sink or tub blocked with your hair..it’s happened to me!

Wide tooth comb: Here’s why this is a lot better than small tooth combs, it’s easy to detangle your curly hair unlike the small tooth ones they don’t drag a lot of hair!

Butterfly Clamps/Clips: Very useful to separate hair easily into sections when styling or detangling, during wash days!

Spray Bottle: to mix moisturizing products or your oils and water for spraying on your hair to make sure it reaches every part, to moisturize or sometimes when you think a product is too thick, you could add a lil water and mix in (shake it!)the bottle.

Old T-shirt: It is advisable to use this instead of a towel cos of friction due to fabric, so if you dry your hair after washing you should sacrifice one t-shirt (I prefer to air dry after shaking off the water from my hair)!

Elastic Bands: Not rubber bands, pleeaasee! you know the ones that are covered, not naked?the ones in pic 6?Those ones yeah, use them to hold up hair from falling on face or to create a nice looking puff or ponytail!!

Bobby Pins: Hahahaha!!These ones have a mind of their own…You can have a hundred today and in less than 3days you’ll be wondering where half of them disappeared to!! You need them to secure hair in desired style, or keep buns/hawks/bangs in place. Piece of advice: get an old cookie jar or container where you could throw the clamps,bobby pins and elastic bands into!(Reuse, the planet will thank you!)

Scissors: One of the best friends for those transitioning, to trim off relaxed ends. Good to give you hair a trim once in a while to remove split ends just so your hair would grow healthier &not keep breaking off!


Satin Scarf/Bonnet/ Pillow case: You should own one of these if not the 3 of them.You know, to prevent friction while you sleep.Be sure to take them off when you wake so your husband/boyfriend doesn’t feel you’re turning into their mom or granny (yeah most of them complain, we get it now..)You can also use the scarf to trap heat while deep conditioning by tying it over the plastic cap/bag.

Plastic Cap/Bag: I usually save a lot of plastic bags solely for this aim.Use them when deep conditioning or hot oil treatments and of course to prevent water from touching your hair.

How many of these tools have you got?

Hope this was helpful…with that said, hope you enjoy the rest of the week and don’t forget to look out for October 1st’s Post for the Giveaway!! What are your plans for Independence celebration?Don’t forget the toothbrush to lay your edges!




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