How To Stretch Natural Hair

Apart from the traditional method of stretching hair-using heat, there are other ways to stretch natural hair…That’s what we’ll be looking at today…..Take a look!

First thing to remember is to avoid the use of curling creams when planning to stretch hair instead opt for butters like shea or oils like jojoba, coconut etc.

Buns: Putting your hair in a bun can be in two ways: Either in a pineapple (high ponytail) which would help stretch the roots of your hair or by sectioning your hair, twisting the parts and then packing them together in a bun.

Pineapple/Pony tail stretches the hair


Banding/SomeGaps– This is where you divide your hair into sections(usually when damp), pack them in ponytails and then band leaving spaces as you go. You can use thread to do that, we usually call that ‘some gaps‘. This helps stretch the hair when its dried.

Some gaps
Some Gaps with thread, you could use bands in place.

Protective Styling– Protective styles such as braiding, twisting (2strand or 3strand), faux locks, threading and cornrows can help stretch hair. The use of Flexi rods, rollers and curl formers can also help stretch hair.

Faux locs

Blow Drying: but this time with cool air, then pack in ponytail or twist in sections.

What method do you use to stretch your hair?

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4 thoughts on “How To Stretch Natural Hair

  1. Oh right! Interesting… I typically put my hair up in a tight bun? Usually does the trick for me? I love the top idea, banding with gaps, I’m going to try it, thank you.


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