Read The Label: What & Why It Shouldn’t Be In Your Natural Hair Product (Pt.1)

Hello again! The past week was very long but fruitful and the giveaway also came to an end..Phhhewww!! Thanks to those who participated, there is more to come!

Moving on…. Most people (in the category of permed hair or about to go natural) often wonder why they have to change their hair products once they make the decision to stay off the Lye… I had a friend tell me she doesn’t get why, well for the most part, it’s what in the bottle that’s the difference! Over the years I developed the habit of reading labels each time I picked up a product.(I read a couple of times that the first 5-7 ingredients listed are usually the main contents, I guess that’s true)I found out that some of them contained some ingredients which I react to & I usually encourage people to do so aswell, you just might never know!
Take a look!!

Parabens – If you’ve ever looked at the back of the regular Shampoo or conditioner bottle you’ll see as part of the ingredients a word with paraben in it like methyl paraben or propyl paraben or perhaps ethyl paraben. Parabens are usually used to prolong shelf life as they prevent microbial growth but are toxic. They can cause the development of allergic reactions, irritate scalp and also cause hair loss as they are said to affect hormonal balance(studies have shown that they have hormone disrupting qualities). You should rather get natural hair products that contain natural preservatives.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate – Harsh detergent usually contained in garage floor cleaners, car washes; this chemical is meant to cause the foaming whenever you wash. It slows down healthy hair growth as they break down the protein and lead to hair loss. It easily penetrates skin and allows other chemicals penetrate too; in the long run it strips off essential natural oil in the scalp that keeps it healthy, drying your hair out. Instead get Sulfate free natural hair products.

Mineral oil / Petrolatum – These ingredients which give hair a deceptive shine are found in regular hair products. They actually weigh hair down, coat the skin which makes build up easier in the scalp because they clog the pores and thus prevent natural oils that are produced by the scalp from being absorbed by the hair shaft. They don’t moisturize!!

Synthetic Fragrance – This usually is achieved by a mixture of dozens of chemicals to get the fragrance and are used to hide other ingredients like preservatives. This can cause scalp irritation.

Propylene Glycol – This ingredient is usually put in to keep product from freezing when it’s stored or when shipped. It is toxic in nature; it can cause irritations, reactions and alter skin structure. It has also be found to inhibit skin cell growth and cause dermatitis.

What are the ingredients on your product label?

To be continued….

Don’t forget to look out for products that say “Sulfate free” or “No Mineral Oil/Petroleum oil”, “No Parabens”, “No Synthetic Fragrance” or “No Propylene Glycol”..for healthier hair!!

Hope you found this helpful. Do enjoy the rest of your week!!

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