A Nappy Girls’ Struggles – Natural Hair Problems

Hello Hello…

If you’re new to the natural hair world, this Post would be good for you so you know some of the ish we face (i.e. if you haven’t already started facing them *laughs* the ones who have been longer would be able to relate to some of them)…Not to worry, absolutely nothing to be afraid of, calm seas never makes a skillful sailor yeah?

So..yup….here are a couple of them *winks*…

People Problems: Most people don’t get it- stuck between if it’s a trend or movement. They’ll be judgmental (some secretly may want to do that too), wanting to touch your hair-with or without your permission, giving you their opinions of this & that…jibrish!! Thank God it’s only opinions, it’s your hair, your life, you’re the captain you make the rules!!Stay Slaying,Stay confident!!

Hair Shedding: Hair falling on the room/ bathroom floor once you touch your hair? …just vacuum or sweep it.

Shrinkage: Some people see this as a problem, for me I think its genius!! That’s actually 1 of the reasons I love natural hair… Embrace it or try stretching it with non-heat methods.

Change: You ever heard the ‘Natural hair is so versatile, you can do so many things with it’line and wonder why you or other natural hair friends always get stuck with one or two styles every time? Sometimes out of the need for change or boredom or frustration some cut their hair or color/dye it…be sure to do it right so you don’t regret it later.

Hair Envy: That moment when you find yourself not satisfied with your hair(texture or length or curl pattern) and wish you had someone else’s (maybe a vlogger or someone on instagram)…some go to the extent of trying all sorts of products to achieve the look! Thou shall not covet thy neighbors’ hair *chuckles*, you can admire… Everyone’s hair is unique and beautiful, remember that!

Time: The length of time needed to either wash,detangle,style or even stretch natural hair is a lot!Raise your hand if you feel me..lol (tallncurly.com, coilyandcute.com and thecreamycrackrehab.co.uk has very good illustrations for this, hilarious!) sometimes my arms are sore and I’m like ‘dear Lord!’*sad face*…On the brighter side it gets done eventually and most times you get complimented.And the time you spend in stores because you have to read the label before making a choice…arghhh the struggle is real hehehehe.

Frizz Fight, Moisture Quest: Notice your hair is frizzier when its curly?and it’s always wanting moisture even when you have put the necessary or excess moisture water, cream on it? well, try putting a lil moisturizing cream/hair butter in the spray bottle with water and spray away each time..

Edges: One thing we nappy hair-eds want is laid edges…Find an edge control that works or use eco-styler they work most times.

Product Junkie- There’s no such thing as having enough products,you think?When I see reviews or new products I have this urge to buy and try them…I’m a lil guilty I have a couple I tried once and haven’t used in months or even years..It’s not bad to try a few as long as it’s within your budget!

What other problems are you facing or have you faced?We’ld love to read…

Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies….and thanks for stopping by!

As Always




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