Guest Post: Hair & Fashion Fusion Feat. The Madere Sisters

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We thought to give you a treat…a few tips & inspiration to making your natural hair fun, fabulous and fashionable from our Guests on the blog, two fun loving, fashionable, beautiful sisters (who b.t.w would make you wish you had a sister, if you don’t #noJokes) whose personal styles you’ll love! *Drum rolls please*- Thaina & Patrice Madere of who reside in Southern California!! (similar weather to places like Nigeria, just incase you’re wondering) You should seriously check them out! You can follow them on Instagram too: @thainamadere @patrice.madere… 

Anyways, here’s a lil about their hair and style…. for more head over to their blog!

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How do you fuse fashion with your natural hair keeping it fashionable and where does your inspiration from?

Styling my hair is typically inspired by my choice of wardrobe for the day. Natural hair is beautiful and versatile, you can really do anything with it. If you’re feeling classy you can pin it up or slick it back in a pony, you can rock out and go edgy with a braid/ twist out or you can rush a long with a wash and go. The possibilities are endless, we just have to be open to trying new things.

My hair style of choice is definitely the braid out. I love a textured fro and there is very little (style wise) that I shy away from because of it…unless they’re bell bottoms, I will not participate in bringing the 70’s back. I had to get to the point where I understood that my hair is my hair. It isn’t outlandish or trendy it just is. Once I learned that, there was very little (fashion wise) that I felt didn’t suit me because of my hair. l I’m inspired most by modern lines and everything colorful.


What’s your natural hair care regimen in the summer like? what products work for you any fave protective styles?

Since California summers are so hot, I like to make life easy with quick and easy hairstyles. In the summer I protective style with twists or added hair for box braids. While I protective stye I like to spray my homemade mix of of water, glycerine, peppermint oil and olive oil. It keeps my hair hydrated, and ready for every hot summer day.

I usually wear my hair in a high bun or a loose, high pony aka the “pineapple method” during hot summers. I’m all for anything I can keep out of my face. I use the same glycerin, peppermint oil mix that Patrice uses but I prefer coconut oil over olive oil. I use the homemade spritz, daily. I’m also a huge fan of Shea Moisture’s line during the summers. Rarely do I wear my hair in extensions because I quickly become anxious to take them out.

About your style, do you make your hair fit in it or is your choice of clothing dependent on your hair style?

Typically I style my outfit before hair, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. However, whichever I do first, I try to have the other fit the theme i’m rocking for the day.

I do my hair before I figure out what I’m wearing and, in my opinion, it works itself out. Natural hair is versatile, when you get have the confidence of that truth, others will as well.

What’s your personal style? How do you fuse your hair and fashion?

We hope you learned a thing or two…. Have a fabulous weekend!

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