Natural Hair Care In Harmattan

Hello darlings

If you live in this part of the world (West Africa, particularly Nigeria) you should be feeling the dryness and harshness of the sun, especially if you’re in Abuja… Harmattan season is here for real. Do you feel your hair dry, frizzy yet?Clear indication that your hair would be needing more care than you normally show it.

Here’s a little note for you on caring for your mane this season..


Deep Condition: You would need to step up on deep conditioning this period- atleast 1ce every week or 2weeks, as long as you don’t have any protective style on. Here’s why? You can order here.


Cowash: It’s that time when you’ll need to save your shampoo and conditioner and do more of cowashing (simply conditioner cleansing), it’ll keep your hair softer, conditioned and preserve it’s natural oils-less frizzy! You can order here.

Water + Oil Mix: I like to do this mix cos it comes in really handy when I’m rushing off somewhere with little or no time to care. I mix Water + Rosemary oil + Coconut/ castor/ Jojoba oil in my spray bottle. You’ll love it, you should give it a try.image

Moisturizers: Bearing in mind that Water/Aqua should be the main ingredient in your moisturizer, you’re hair would need it a lot! Be sure to pay attention to your ends/tips. Apply them at night before bedtime and in the morning before you rush off for the day. Don’t forget to apply oils to seal in moisture.

Find out why you need to moisturize here. You can place your order here.image image

Protective/Low Manipulative Styles: These range from braids, twists, flat twists, crotchet braids to wigs, cornrows,and my all time fave faux locks!! .. you name them! These are great because they save your hair from breaking & to retain length, when they are not left on too long and not made too tightly! The Spray bottle mix will come in handy here as you would be able to keep your hair moisturized while under protective styling.

Eating Healthy: Eating fruits (to prevent catarrh, sore throat etc that this season brings), proteins and drinking a lot of water would be worth it this period.

How do you care for your hair in the harmattan? Don’t forget you can order natural hair products from us online, email or visit us Suite D201 Sticks & Stones Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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