5 Habits for Healthy Natural Hair

Happy New Year guys! 2016 is a promising year and I hope we accomplish all that we set to do at the end of the year. Any new lessons learnt from 2015? Any new year resolutions? I learnt some healthy practices for my natural hair which I plan to develop as a habit and I thought to share….

Here they are…

  1. Moisturize & Secure before Bed: So you don’t battle with dried out, frizzy, sometimes tangled hair in the morning, it is important to develop a habit of moisturizing our hair (from root to tip, don’t forget to seal!) and secure them in either in a bun or sectioned twists/braids wrapped in a silk/ satin bonnet/scarf, to avoid friction when sleeping, that leads to breakage. But if you’re like me, who hates bonnets & scarfs because they keep falling off, you could just get a satin/silk pillow case to sleep on.
  2. Spritz Habit: Because of the dryness that comes with the weather in the early part of the year, it’s not a bad idea to make the Spray bottle our best friend. Spray your hair as often as possible with water for moisture, to refresh your curls and also reactivate products earlier applied.
  3. Finger/ Wide-tooth Combing: Learn to reduce the use of brushes; Finger comb your hair, helps reduce shedding/ breakage, but if you must, use a wide-tooth comb to comb hair when damp or when moisturized. You can wrap hair after moisturizing to lay edges.
  4. Protective Styling: Although it may be difficult to gain access to your hair for the period of time, protective or low manipulative styles such as braids, twists, weave ons, help  retain length. Don’t forget to oil scalp with coconut oil (don’t use heavy oils)often and make sure it’s not on too tight, as it may cause more harm than good- like pulling your edges or scalp injury, and not stayed on you hair for too long 4-6weeks is ideal.
  5. Wash Routine: Pre-pooing with penetrating oils like Coconut oil (for 15-20mins)before every wash is a habit I hope I develop this year. It reduces breakage and dryness. Deep Conditioning and Cowashing are becoming my faves, for manageability,healthy strands and curls.
3years (Transitioned)
3years (Transitioned)

Think about the bad hair habits you have that you need to ditch….What other healthy habits would you bring into the new year?

Enjoy the rest of your week!! Thank you for always stopping by on here, we wish you a lovely year ahead!

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