Overcoming ‘Product Junkie-ism’

You know how you see a new natural hair product being advertised on Instagram or Facebook with a lot of people commenting on how great it worked for their hair and then you start getting this funny feeling and urge for you to get it, most times you hear yourself say “I’m gonna  try this”when clearly you have 5or more products with the same ingredients or that do the same thing that you have barely or haven’t touched….. There! Pause….right there is where a problem develops if you find yourself ‘lusting’itching to try every new product that you see- great reviews or nah- then taking the extra step to actually buy them(while your electric or gas bill is past due sometimes)!

I have been a victim,  so has everyone else I think especially when you just went natural, transitioned or something of that sort… When your stack of products begin to look like one of the hair product aisles at Walgreens, Boots or Shoprite…

.How often do you buy natural hair products- necessity or pleasure?How many products are in your stack?how many work great on your hair?from that lot, how many do you use? If the answer to the last question isn’t unto half of all you’ve acquired, I’m afraid darling, you’re a ‘Product Junkie’….

Now this is fine if you have a lot of money stacked up or its within your budget, or you either plan to use the products soon or have sisters or friends who you could give them to…buh if its over your budget and infact you just like to have them piled in there, you should do a rain check honey….

What you could do…..

Now that you have diagnosed the problem after assessing the questions above, you should:

FIND OUT WHAT WORKS: Start gunning for products with the same ingredients if you need a variety of let’s say- deep conditioners, or just stick with the particular one that works. The fact that they had great reviews isn’t a guarantee that they would have the same result on your hair like they did on the others, know your hair.

CREATE A BUDGET: Set aside a few bucks per month or quarterly for products and make sure you stick to it.You could channel excess money somewhere else like bills or your savings! Try not to wander into the natural hair aisle when you walk into the store, if you have to go the store or put your hair in protective styling more often…

LOOK OUT: If you must try new products, look out for great offers or sales where you could save a lot of money, that way you’ll be satisfying your crave and your pocket. Especially if you live in Nigeria, Scotland, Sweden or somewhere far from where some of your fave natural hair products are made, the prices are always a little higher than the store prices where they are made (cost of importation, I guess).

To save even more you could also try out locally made products in your country or area, they should be just as fabulous as the ones abroad(Be supportive *winks*) or try DIYs sometimes.


SORT YOUR STACK: Arrange your products into categories (see basics)- ‘Needs'(you really need them once in a while like protein conditioners), ‘Loves'(your hair loves them), ‘Wants'(not too fantastic but because everyone is talking about them) and ‘Nots'(just sit there,tried them before but it wasn’t good to your hair)…Do a giveaway with the ‘Wants’ and ‘Nots’, you could give out to sisters, friends or sell them at half the price.




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