Peaches and Pears not Cream!!!

It is usually Peaches and cream but this Post is gonna alter that a wee bit. We’ll be focused on Peaches and Pears and their benefits to our health with more emphasis on the benefits to our hair’s well being.

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Fruits,Vegs et Toi? (Phase II)

Excited about the fruit and vegetable today because I love the eating Strawberry cheese cake, it’s very delish and Spinach reminds me of my childhood “Popeye the sailor man…it’s popeye the sailor man (*just had to sing a bit*)”…I always wondered why He loved to eat Spinach and suddenly grow muscles…good advert for kids to lure them into eating vegs.bwahahaha.

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Nuts About Hair!!!

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Ok… I got introduced Almonds addiction by a friend of mine who was trying to lose a few pounds and needed something healthy to snack on. I took the first handful and from then on couldn’t stop!! or like my aunt who also got addicted to it would say,’it’s chop one chop two’ (with a nigerian pidgin accent btw)hahahaha… I also tried to get addicted to Pistachios but it kinda got contained cos twas a lil’ bit pricier than Almonds, but boy!!! do they taste good especially the ones that have got a bit of salt and pepper in them…hmmmm yum yum!!

We would be looking at the benefits of these nuts in this Posts…I hope you get addicted as I did…Just kidding but really tho’ they are a perfect alternative to ‘junk’,especially in the middle of the night when you start getting hunger signals from your belly. A fun way of eating them is as desert- puddings or in FroYo (frozen yoghurt) or muffins…delish!! Oh and I heard Almond milk is healthy too.

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How Water = Healthy Hair

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So recently it’s been (pardonne-moi) freaking HOT!! I can’t even explain it well except for saying that the water from the shower feels like it was mixed with boiled hot water, you’ld either need an air conditioning system in the bathroom or put half a bucket of water in the fridge half an hour before you shower( that is if you don’t wanna be sweating right after you turn of the shower)!!

Anyways this got me drinking lots and lots of water that you could literally hear the water rumble when I shake my belly *giggles*….This brings me to what I’ll like to write about – WATER(AQUA)…. Have you ever wondered why it takes not watering a plant for it to dry and wither away? Is water really that important? I hope after reading this you’ll ditch all them sodas/soft drinks and gulp as much water as you can everyday….Let’s look at some important tricks water can do to our Hair….. Continue reading “How Water = Healthy Hair”