Peaches and Pears not Cream!!!

It is usually Peaches and cream but this Post is gonna alter that a wee bit. We’ll be focused on Peaches and Pears and their benefits to our health with more emphasis on the benefits to our hair’s well being.

Let’s dig in Peaches (get it?)…

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The delicious, sweet fruits Peaches have a lot of benefits because of its contents. They are packed with Vitamins A,C, E, K, Beta Carotene, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Folic Acid, Calcium and Potassium. They are one of the best fruits to eat for weight loss as they contain natural sugar which do not raise blood sugar or the insulin levels of the body,helping control hunger pangs and food cravings! Very beneficial to your skin as they help reduce wrinkles and maintain a glowing, youthful skin.

They also help detox the body system as they remove toxins from the body. They help relieve stress and anxiety, help cure loss of sleep/insomnia, all you got to do is eat them! They help regenerate skin tissue and are good natural moisturizers (thanks to the Vitamins A and C they contain). They help improve blood flow to all parts of the body including the sexual organs (increase libido) and gives the aphrodisiac effect! So if you want improved sex life you could try eating Peaches *chuckles*…

Peaches help prevent Hair Loss as they nourish scalp. They treat scalp problems, help cleanse your scalp and leave it soft and shiny.

Peaches Recipes for Hair

Soft Hair/Scalp Cleanser- Mash 2 Peaches into a Paste and mix with Yoghurt to apply for a few minutes on hair.

Pears…. not a huge fan buh I just figured it has loads of benefits! Did you know they contain Vitamins A,C, E and K, Magnesium, Fibre, Folate, Copper and Phosphorus? Eating Pears help prevent Cancer, heart diseases,diabetes by controlling blood sugar level. They contain Folic acid and also possess anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve stomach ache.

They balance the normal water content of the skin and retain its moisture, one of the reasons why it is used in making moisturizing lotions. They treat oily skin(mashed with honey), prevent wrinkles, fight acne and help in keeping skin smooth and soft.

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Pears nourish the scalp and keep it moisturized. If you need healthy hair, adding pears to your hair routine can do the trick.They help reduce Frizz, dryness in hair, maintain hair cells and make hair more manageable, all you got to do is eat ripe pears!

Pears Recipes for Hair

Colored, Curly hair – Mash and Mix 1Pear + Soybean oil.Leave in hair for 1hr and wash out with water.

Shiny hair- Mash 1 Pear + 2tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar + Water. Leave in hair a few minutes and wash out.

I hope you found this beneficial…. Let us know what you think….

Enjoy your day!




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