Fruits, Vegs et Toi? (PtII) 2

Image (11)So it’s an another edition of Fruits, Vegs et Toi?… I’m praying that by now it’s a deliberate effort we’re putting towards adding these into our diet… For me, I had wash day in the weekend and I decided to try the banana recipe for soft hair/conditioning. I had my fingers crossed because the last time I tried one of the mix with egg (can’t exactly remember what I mixed up) my hair came out really really harsh and hard!!! I really didn’t want to wash my hair buh I’m tryna develop a habit of atleast 2weeks (deep conditioning)especially when I don’t have a protective style on…My hair curls are back on, moisturizing mostly with water and some little mix I had in a bottle (Hair butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, hair milk and 80% water)…

Image (12)

I let it sit for 25mins, rinsed out then used my Cowash… The result? my hair is softer than ever even after it dried!!! Have to do this more often whenever I run out of my bestie (Eden’s Jojoba Deep Conditioner which does wonders to my hair)!! Have you tried any of the recipes yet? Please Let us know how it turned out…

Back to the reason for today’s post…. Pineapples and Oranges..

Incase you didn’t know Oranges are medicinal, they work like magic especially for cold and catarrh!! Once my dad caught the flu I bombaded him with oranges and it disappeared in 2days (well with the help of allergy drugs aswell…). The reason they are powerful is because they are rich in Vitamin C. If you’ve noticed Vit. C does a lot of wonders -repairing worn out stuff in the body.  Oranges help in weight loss, helps fight cancer, prevents diabetes, kidney stones, has anti-inflammatory properties which prevents arthritis and helps lower cholesterol.

They help moisturize skin, treat dark spots and Acne.

They also serve as a great conditioner (details below). They contain Folic Acid (Vit.B)Vit. C to stimulate hair growth and Insonitol (Vit.B) which helps prevents hair loss. They also prevent hair breakage, give shiny hair and control Dandruff.

Orange Recipe for Hair

Shiny hair- Mix 1 Orange

                         1 Lemon

                         1Tbs of Olive oil

                         1 Tbs of Honey. Apply mainly on scalp.

Conditioner- Mix Orange juice, water and a spoon of honey when hair is shampooed.

Eating Pineapples, like Oranges, help boost one’s immunity as they are rich in Vitamins A and C. They also contain Fiber, Calcium, Phosphorous and Potassium. They help cure cold and cough.They are a rich source of Antioxidants which help protect one from cancer, arthritis and heart diseases. They also contain Manganese for strong teeth, bones and gums.

It contains Beta carotene which helps cure sinusitis, sore throat, bad vision, bronchitis by reducing inflammation in the bronchial tubes and catarrh. Because of it’s content of vit C, it helps rejuvenate your skin making it look younger, firmer and flexible. It helps to quickly repair damaged cells and tissues and helps hydrate skin.

It helps prevent inflammatory conditions which also affects the scalp as it contains an anti-oxidative enzyme which has anti inflammatory power called Bromelain. It also helps prevent Hair loss and improves the thickness and elasticity of the hair.

Pineapple Recipe for hair

Eat a few Pineapple wedges a day.

Thank you again for stopping by… I hope you learnt a few things from this post…Have a lovely week!

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