Fruits, Vegs et Toi? (Pt II)

photo (9)Talking about fruits is quite an interesting topic for me… actually eating them is much better especially when they are juicy and sweet!!! Knowledge of something’s wothe makes you less likely to take for granted the thing (in this case is the fruits and vegetables).I must confess that I’m a victim of this….I wasn’t particular about fruits I only took them to balance the classes of food in my system and only when i scurvy/sore on the tongue or something of that sort (which I believe was my body’s way of saying I lacked vitamin C– my mom literally used to force me through her lamentations to take a tab of vit.C at least) buh all them research on these fruits have made me more inquisitive and more willing to put these into my daily meal menu….(at this point where I come fro we would make the exclamation- I never hespered it!-just means I didn’t expect it at all…lmao).


We would look at Bananas and Cashews (nuts)


This very yummy, really sweet fruit is rich in Vitamins (B6,B12), Natural oils, Carbohydrates, Potassium and Magnesium. This fruit softens hair, adds shine and protects hair’s elasticity. It is helps enhance skin making it glow, treats itchy skin, wrinkles and acne (rubbing the inside of a banana peel can do wonders to your skin and hair!).

It also helps cure piles and relieves constipation. If you want to add weight, bananas are good at the job but it’s also good for weight loss too.

It prevents split ends and hair breakage and helps control dandruff, repairing dry, damaged hair.

Look for products that contain banana.

Suggested Products

KurleeBelle Banana Nut And Avocado Deep Treatment.

Banana Recipe for hair

For conditioning– Mix 1 Banana

1/4 cup of olive oil

                                    1 Egg

                                    1 Avocado

You may add coconut milk or cocoa…. Rub in hair and leave for 15mins, then wash off.

For dry damaged hair– Mix 1Banana                 For hair loss-  Mix 1Banana      

                                            3tbs of Honey                                      2Tbs of yoghurt

                                            3tbs of Almond oil(optional)

                                            1 Avocado

Rub in hair and leave for 15-20mins and wash off.

Cashews.…cashew nuts are very healthy. They are a great substitute for junk! You know that moment when it’s the middle of the night, your belly starts rumbling and you need something to nibble on…cashew nuts are very healthy and would very well serve this purpose. Let’s look at what it contains, shall we?

Cashews are full of Antioxidants (Selenium– which helps protect cells from damage and treat dandruff, Magnesium– helps lower blood pressure and necessary for strong bones),Minerals and Vitamins (Riboflavin, Thiamin, Pantothenic acid and Niacin). It helps in weight loss, prevents cancer and help to maintain a healthy heart.

Cashews are rich in Copper (Copper-containing enzyme tyrosinase which converts tyrosine to melanin,the pigment) that gives your hair and skin its color .

Cashew Recipe for hair

Eat cashew nuts often…lol

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