Veggies For Healthy Hair

Vegetables are so healthy and good for not just our hair and skin but for our whole body. In this Post we’ll be looking at two types of vegetables that are …let’s say “easy to find” and are not new to us- Okra and Broccoli

Let’s Proceed.

Okra ….the very first thing that would come to a Nigerian’s mind when you mention this is the soup. One of my faves, especially when it’s freshly made. Did you know that Okra contains Vitamins A,C,E and K? Very rich in Fiber which helps digestion.It also contains  Calcium, Potassium, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Manganese, Beta Carotene, Carbohydrates and Protein…Pheewww!!! Super food yeah? Hold up, it contains Folate too which is good for pregnant women(just so you know)…

Eating Okra in soup, rice or whatever way you deem fit can do a lot for you like- Prevent heart diseases(as it helps regulate the absorption of blood sugar into the small intestine-controlling cholesterol level), Obesity, Pigmentation of the skin and even helps control Asthma! It’ll help in the strengthening your bones and clotting of the blood.

It can be used as hair conditioner, helps moisturize the scalp, stop the dryness and itchiness that lead to Dandruff. If you want bouncy hair with good curl definition, Okra can help- Recipes below.

Okra Recipe for Hair

Bouncy HairBoil Okra in water, take out the transparent mucilage  and massage hair with it. Rinse off with water.

Conditioner/Dandruff Add Lemon juice (squeezed) and/or  any of your preferred Oils to the Okra mucilage. Massage in hair and leave for 10-15mins, then wash out with water.

Broccolis…those white&greenish-tiny trees-looking-tiny mushroom-looking veggies  are rich in Antioxidants, containing Vitamins (A, B complex, C and E ), Iron, Niacin, Silica and Beta carotene. Eating Broccolis help repair skin damage and the Vitamin C it contains helps fights free radicals stopping them from causing this damage. The Vitamin E in it also helps rejuvenate skin. Broccolis help prevent anaemia and help for proper vision(Vit.A). It contains fatty acids and fibre, and helps regulate blood pressure.

Eating Broccolis can help promote hair growth.The oil from the seed is very useful-when the seed oil is extracted (which is similar to silicones used in shampoos) it can help add shine, prevent frizz and make hair smooth,silky and strengthen hair follicles. It combats hair loss as it prevents hair thinning and contributes to healthy thicker hair; it stimulates the production of sebum for the scalp which acts as a natural moisturizer/conditioner.

So next time you go to the supermarket/market don’t forget to buy a bag of okras and broccolis for healthier hair and body….

Hope this Post has been helpful…Enjoy the Rest of your week!!




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