Just Beet It… (Fruits, Vegs et Toi?V)

Beets by who? Face HairBeet…. Anyone ever heard of Beetroot? but I bet you know what Oats are yeah? either ways, this Post will be enlightening you a bit on how important these two are and how fabulously beneficial they are on your hair.A few Recipes for hair will also be provided…. Let’s get it over with (*dusts hands and rolls sleeve…*)


Caution:Too much of anything is bad. Ask your doctor for the correct amount of intake of any of these.

Beetroots are root vegetables high in manganese and folic acid, contain Iron,Fiber,Calcium,Potassium,Copper, Sulphur,Silica,Nitrates, Vitamins A,C and K in its leaves and Antioxidants like Flavanoids and Carotenoids which are very good for eye health. They improve nutrition of cells with oxygen, increase haemoglobin level and red blood cell production, thus are very good in preventing anaemia and preventing memory loss. Beetroots also help in improving the body’s metabolism as it contains Fiber,cleanses your stomach, detoxifies your liver and is good for weight loss meals. Did you know they had natural sugar in them(you could add them in your juices for weight loss)?

Beetroots help destroy excessive dead cells and eliminate itchy, dry scalp. They can also be used as natural hair dye. They enable blood production and circulation to the scalp (the Carotenoids) thereby promoting healthy hair growth and preventing hair loss. They also nourish hair follicles, strengthen hair, improve thickness of the hair and add shine to hair! More info click here!

Beetroot Recipe for Hair

Dandruff Mix 1/4 Beetroot juice 

Vinegar. Apply on scalp and rinse off after a few minutes.


I love Oats, especially Oats porridge…Some people substitute it for eba/garri to eat with their soups or stews (Nigerians/ West Africans will understand)! Eating Oats has a lot of benefits, they can also be made into a mask. They contain Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc which promote hair growth and fight hair loss.They act as natural moisturizers (contain Beta-glucan that penetrates layers of hair to moisturize from inside) as they remove dead cells, cleanse scalp by removing excess oil, dirt and sebum that have been accumulated as Oats contain Saponins(natural cleansers).

They also contain Polysaccharides which fight dryness, itchiness and dandruff (Oats possess anti-inflammatory properties); Copper, Fiber which helps with metabolism, Manganese and Biotin(for hair growth). They also help fix damaged hair, thicken and strengthen hair while adding shine.

Oats also treats Acne, sunburns and skin disorders; they improve body metabolism and aid in weight loss.

Oats Recipe for Hair see here

I hope this was helpful… Thanks again for stopping by, Enjoy the rest of your week!




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