Gingered Hair Growth? (Fruits, Veg et Toi?IV)

Who likes Ginger? I know that I do…Have u ever had Ginger cake before or Ginger cookies? I remember my mom started putting them in her pot of stew and it gave it a nice twist. Anyways, in this Post we will see read a little on how Ginger can save our hair and Green/String Beans as well and have you running to the market/store to get them!


Did you know Ginger was packed with nutrients such as Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Fatty Acids which benefit thin hair, Vitamins A,C,E and K? It is an amazing herb which is good for the hair as well as the entire body too.

Ginger is said to contain antioxidants which help in dealing with split ends. It also prevents hair loss as it makes your hair healthy and stronger by strengthening the roots of your hair, thereby boosting hair growth!! You can put it in your stew, juice it or i heard some people ate it raw (*closes face*), many ways to get Ginger into your system, you may even invent yours. It increases blood circulation in the scalp this way it prevents hair from thinning (the Fatty Acids it contains goes to work), it also treats dandruff and fights dry brittle hair (recipes below).

Ginger is said to treat morning sickness that pregnant women have, treat menstrual cramps, Asthma, relieve migraine, heartburn and aches! It sounds medicinal to me! Because it eliminates stubborn fat from the body, it is good for weight loss. It also gives you a clear skin free from Acne, blemishes and helps tone skin.

Ginger Recipe for Hair

Dandruff- Mix  2tbsp of grated ginger root 

                        3tbsp of Olive oil with a little Lemon juice (squeezed)

                        Apply on scalp and leave for 15-30mins before rinsing.

Healthy/Stronger Hair- Mix 1tbsp of grated ginger root

                                             2tbsp of Jojoba oil

                                             Apply on scalp, leave for 30mins before Shampooing.


Green/String Beans which is usually found in salad or fried rice is really healthy and contains a lot of nutrients as well which are beneficial for both your hair and body. They contain Protein, Iron(helps in oxygen and blood production and circulation for the scalp and body)which boosts Hair growth and prevents hair loss, Calcium, Vitamins A,C, K and Fiber which is good in cases of digestive issues, constipation prevention and treatment and the maintenance of sugar level in the body.

They are said to contain Omega 3 Fats which are essential for healthy scalp. They also contain Folates (great for pregnant women), Manganese, Potassium, Niacin and Thiamine. They possess anti-inflammatory benefits as they contain Carotenoid and Flavanoid. The antioxidants they contain help eliminate free radicals from the body and boost immunity.

They are also low in calories and cholesterol, good for weight loss.

Green/String Beans Recipe for Hair

Eat Them! (well seasoned sauteé Green/String beans are delish!).

I hope you found this Post helpful. Thanks for stopping by to read and enjoy the Rest of your week.




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