Did you know these oils could…


Welcome to September my lovelies!!!

Apologies for being out for so long, but the best part is it was worth it.

There are so many oils which we use, sometimes on a daily basis without knowing what they do or thinking they do this when in fact they do the opposite.

Many of us have been using the right oils at wrong times or for wrong reasons. Take myself for example, I was so sure I could use the castor oil(JBCO) on my hair even when it was dry, with the hope that it would help my hair grow.

You see, the problem here was I was using a right oil at the wrong time(dry hair). You would notice the thickness of castor oil if you’ve ever used it… if you apply if on your hair when dry it would completely seal in the dryness. Why? simply because it is a sealing oil… This brings us to the reason for this post- distinguishing between moisturizing oils and Sealant oils.

The names are easy to decode their meaning but here’s a few fun fact:


Moisturizing oils: 

  • penetrate the hair shaft;
  • best to oil scalp;
  • can be used with your leave in or water, for great results;
  • will not leave a greasy feel, great for pre-poo.

Sealing oils on the other hand:

  • can’t penetrate the hair shaft;
  • seal in moisture or dryness(depending when applied);
  • should be used after applying a leave in/moisturizer, for great results;
  • will leave greasy feel, great to add shine.

Where can you find these oils?

The easiest Moisturizing oils to find are Coconut oils(which can be both a moisturizer + sealing oil) and Olive oils, but other oils include Babassu oil(can be both a moisturizer + sealing oil) and Avocado oil.

Some Sealing oils are Castor oil or as we all know it Jamaican Black Castor oil(JBCO), Grapeseed oil and Jojoba oil which is usually more pricey than other oils.

So next time you’re trying to apply an oil be sure to apply that at the right time, for the right reason.

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