DIY Recipes for PrePoo

In case you didn’t know ‘prepoo’ (short for pre shampoo), is very beneficial for the hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural (unpermed/unrelaxed), relaxed/chemically processed or colored/bleached. It’ll do your hair a lot of good!!

Wondering what exactly this is?

It is the process of applying conditioning treatments such as conditioners, humectants and/or oils on hair prior to washing (either shampoo or cowash). It leaves hair softer, detangled, easy to manage, more moisturized and hydrated. This isn’t deep conditioning…I repeat…this isn’t deep conditioning! The conditioner used doesn’t and isn’t made to penetrate as deeply as the deep conditioner/treatment/masque.

So yes, you would be using ordinary (not expensive)conditioner and no! you can’t use a deep conditioner/masque for the process, rather use it after the process.

Adding this to your hair regimen would allow you experience less breakage/shedding, lesser knots,more defined curls and less frizz!

Products you can use?

You can buy a nice cheap conditioner from a store or online, wherever… or you can make them yourself! Here’s a few list we compiled:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO)+ honey + conditioner

Avocado + yoghurt

Avocado + Coconut oil + Mayo + Honey + Vodka (yup! a substitute for Apple Cider Vinegar)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Honey

Shea butter +Mango butter + Honey + EVOO + peppermint oil

Honey + Coconut milk + Peppermint oil + any other fave oils

Also see one good for prepoo before Co-washing which contains flax seed oils from naturally curly’s blog here

What products do you use to Prepoo? you can try one of these out and let us know how it goes…

Do enjoy the rest of your week!!





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