10 Essential Tools 4 Natural Hair

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A brief list of the basic tools you’ll be needing as a natural ‘haired’ human (*chuckles*)…not that this is the whole list, it’s what we call essential ‘must haves’ and the good part is they are cheap and can be found in beauty supply stores near you!!

Buckle up!!..

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Basics For Natural Hair Care

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Just like the Farmer or anyone venturing into farming has essential tools,basic instrument that are necessary for the minimum successful farming , those with natural hair do also! In this Post we’ll be looking at some of the basics (products)that should be in the stash of those with Natural hair or any others who are new to being natural or want to go natural and we would conclude in the next post(on basic tools)….Hope you’ll find this helpful! Continue reading “Basics For Natural Hair Care”

Essential Oils for Healthy Natural Hair

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Did you know that not all oils are good for your hair? Mineral oil and Petroleum oil, for example, dries out moisture from the hair and scalp which would, with time, lead to dry hair making the hair prone to breakage, dandruff etc…So in this Post, I’ll be sharing a little on a few of some of the essential oils and how they contribute to the health of your hair; at the end I hope we would add these to our list of hair product essentials and look out for products that contain these….

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Hair-Healthy Diet feat. Black Eyed Beans…

We’ve been MIA sorta but we’re back and in this Post we’ll be looking at incorporating some foods that help boost hair growth into our diet. Hair healthy diet will affect the new growth and not the part of the hair already visible, it simply means when you consume some of these foods in a regular or good (not excessive) dose,the new hair growing under will be better, much stronger and healthier than the ones that you can see already. Continue reading “Hair-Healthy Diet feat. Black Eyed Beans…”

My Natural Hair Journey Musings- Mirabelle of Pix-elatedpassion.com

Whoop!! Whoop!! It’s been exactly 1year today when we wrote the first Post on our Blog!! To say “Thank you” to all our readers, here’s a Post from a friend Mirabelle (our guest blogger) to help with the struggles of transition–>big chop–> maintaining natural hair!! You can also check out her blog –>> pix-elatedpassion.com …

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My natural hair journey is the bumpiest trip I have ever been on. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the ride. It has been fun, it has been frustrating and it has been everything in between. It all started in mid-2013 after I decided to stop using relaxers, transition and then do the big chop. Continue reading “My Natural Hair Journey Musings- Mirabelle of Pix-elatedpassion.com”