Fruit “full” Benefits for Hair…

Yay!!! it’s another fruit-full Post just for your hair from Yours truly… Been a minute buh yeah I’m back, so let’s get started right away!!!

Did you know Grape fruit is quite different from Grapes?and not only are they larger in size, they do a fantastic job to our hair and body also…. Let’s take a look at what they do along side Apricots, shall we?


Grape Fruit is one of the fruits I love; the only thing I knew about them up until a few days ago was it helped in weight loss and contained Vitamin C which was good for the body.

This delicious, pinkish (on the inside),orange look alike fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Fiber, Antioxidants, Calcium and Potassium and adds loads of benefits to your hair and body. Eating/drinking it’s natural juice can help lower cholesterol, increase your body immunity system, rebuild cells, fight cancer, aid digestion and even treat depression and reduce tension!

This fruit promotes healthy growing hair while preventing hair loss. It helps fight dandruff, dry and flaky scalp and also helps to keep you hair follicles healthy because it helps strip off chemicals or build ups which could have stuck over time in your hair from shampoos/Products including those ones that contain Sulfate. This fruit (juice)can be massage into hair and also adds shine to your hair if you add it to your shampoo- how amazing!

Grapefruit Recipe for Hair

Cleanser/Remove Build up1/4 cup Grapefruit juice + 1/4 cup of Orange juice + 1/4 cup of Lemon juice +1tbsp of Sage oil

                                                Massage into hair and leave for 30mins then wash off.

Dry Damaged Hair-               1/2 cup Club soda +1/4 cup Grapefruit juice + 1/4 cup of Orange juice + 1/4 cup of Lemon juice

+ 2drops of Sage oil.

                                                Mix in a spray bottle and Spray on hair after Shampooing and leave for a few mins before                                                               washing.

Detangler–                              Mix 2-3 drops of grape oil + 2drops of glycerin + 1tbsp of Aloe vera gel in 1/2 ltr of water

Image (24)

Apricots have velvety flesh and are rich in Vitamins A,C,E, K and Lycopene. They also contain Iron which helps in the production of blood cells & prevent Anaemia and Copper which enables the body to absorb the Iron and boost metabolism. It also contains Carotene and Calcium, recommended for pregnant women. They help in weight loss and relieves Bronchitis, Tuberculosis and Asthma.

They are usually added in facial scrubs,body creams and hair products because they heal damaged skin, remove blackheads, reduce wrinkles and treat skin disorders like eczema.

They help treat scalp problem too like Dandruff, dry/flaky scalp and dry hair. They act as fantastic conditioners and hair moisturizers as it promotes sebum production in the scalp. They soften hair and also prevent hair loss at the same time promote healthy hair growth. 

Apricot Recipe for Hair

Soft HairAdd 2tbsps of Apricot oil to conditioner or apply on wet hair.

I hope this Post was helpful and you learnt a thing or two. Until next time, do have a lovely week and thanks for stopping by.




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