H is for Healthy Hair!


Did you know what you put inside your body affects what comes out?Having a good diet isn’t only good for your body, it has great effects on your hair! So here are a few remedies to help your hair stay healthy and grow better.First things first- check your diet!!Have a healthy diet which contain more fruits, vegetables and nuts(Read more on Fruits,Vegetables and Nuts). Eat foods containing loads of Vitamins, Proteins and drink loads of Water (see benefits of Water )! I decided to try some experiment on my hair- finger detangling- for almost 6months I haven’t used a comb on my hair and I have noticed very little or no breakage each time unlike the experience from combing, you may want to try it out, it’ll help retain your hair length.

Reduce the amount of heat you apply on your hair, make sure you use heat protectant each time you feel drawn to applying heat/Blowdrying or you might as well go heat free (like me!).

Don’t make the mistake I made recently, (even when I was clearly aware of what damage that could occur,silly me!)while braiding your hair or putting a weave especially when you get them done at the Salon, make sure it’s not too tight so you don’t stress the root of your hair (in my own case I got injuries round my hair lines *weeps*). Read more on protective styles&care here.

When taking out a style if you have to comb or brush, whichever, please be patient….detangle hair carefully to avoid breakage. Scratch your scalp gently to avoid bruises on it, when it starts to itch a lot it’s time to ditch that style &wash that hair properly!

Pamper your hair sometimes, do “hot oil treatments’, use homemade masques sometimes( a few recipe here), massage your scalp often with coconut or any essential oil of your choice(preferably morning and night) to ease tension in scalp and increase blood circulation which leads to hair growth!


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Enjoy the rest of your week!

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