Fruits, Vegs et Toi?(Phase III)

Who loves Cranberries? Cranberry juice has been one of my fave juices way before knowing it’s benefits, now I’m aware, I love it even more!! Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing fruit and how beneficial it will be to you when you incorporate it into your meals, you’ll also have to be careful not to go overboard in its consumption (out of excitement).We’ll also be writing a little something about Lettuce, a veggie that’s important to your hair and body because of the nutrients it contains and reasons why it should be in your meals regularly…

Let’s take a look….


Need long lustrous hair?Cranberries will do the trick…They promote hair growth and prevent hair loss as they contain vitamins and are rich in antioxidants. Cranberries are a good source of Vitamin C and salicylic acid. They contain Vitamins B6,E,K, Minerals such as  Iron,Zinc, Phosphorous,Calcium, Protein and Carbohydrate.

They also prevent dandruff and scalp related problems as the juices contain anti fungal properties;you could apply the juices to the scalp directly or in a mask. The juices can be used as final rinse to add shine to hair. They also prevent Baldness in men and Alopecia.

Drinking the juices can lower risk of developing heart related ailments. They inhibit the development and spread of breast,lung and colon tumors and inhibit growth of bacteria that cause plaque when consumed moderately, thereby preventing tooth decay. They are also a good remedy for flu, cold and sore throat and help prevent scurvy.

They also have anti aging properties and contain amino acids which are essential for collagen production which helps in keeping the skin soft and firm.

Caution: Cranberries have the tendency to interfere with some medications, consult your doctor if you are on medication. People with Diabetes or stomach problems should be careful when consuming. Cranberry juice should be consumed moderately as they have side effects if taken in excess. 

Cranberry Recipes For Hair

Shiny HairUse Cranberry juice for final rinse after washing.

Dandruff– Mix Cranberry juice with yoghurt or eggs and apply on scalp.


Lettuce are highly nutritious and eating it will do you a lot of good. They contain Vitamins A,C,E, K , Potassium, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Iron… Since hair loss disorders are directly linked to dietary deficiencies like Iron, Vitamins C,A, adding Lettuce to your diet will help prevent Hair loss and stimulate hair growth. They also transport essential nutrients and vitamins essential for healthy hair growth to roots and follicles.

Lettuce are rich source of antioxidants that prevent free radical formations in the body and are very good for pregnant women.

You can juice them or eat them in salads. They help remove toxins from the body and regular consumption (not once in a month or blue moon type of consumption) can lead to your skin being revitalized, healthy, clear and radiant. If you have problem sleeping, Lettuce can help you sleep better (eating or drinking its juice) as they have anti spastic effect and acts as a sedative.

What do you think about a Lettuce Cranberry salad or smoothie? sounds healthy, huh? You can add tomatoes to the salad or banana/honey/Orange/Tangerines to sweeten the smoothie it’ll be more fun.

Hope this was helpful… Enjoy the rest of your week..




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