Fruits, Vegs et Toi? (Pt II)

photo (9)Talking about fruits is quite an interesting topic for me… actually eating them is much better especially when they are juicy and sweet!!! Knowledge of something’s wothe makes you less likely to take for granted the thing (in this case is the fruits and vegetables). Continue reading “Fruits, Vegs et Toi? (Pt II)”

Fruits, Vegs et Toi? (III)

Image (10)   I remember the look on my friend’s face the other day when I was at hers’ having sweet potatoes fried for lunch that weekend when I mentioned the nutrients that were hidden in them and how they helped for rapid hair growth… Not exactly sure she took me seriously even though I mentioned I had read alot about it, after all I wasn’t a food scientist, a doctor, nutritionist or anything of that sort….

They say – knowledge is power; nothing read or known is a waste. Anyhoos… I’ve tried to read extensively on most fruits and vegs I consume, I think it’s important so I know when we’re eating healthy and know some diseases could be prevented just by what I eat! What do you think?

In this Post we’ll be looking at Sweet Potatoes and Apples…Enjoy!! Continue reading “Fruits, Vegs et Toi? (III)”

Fruits,Vegs et Toi?….Pt1

Image (8)We often take for granted what fruits and vegetables do to our bodies, skin and hair….So I would, from time to time, point out the importance of different fruits and vegetables especially those that are easy to find around us. Most of these fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamins and Minerals and these go along way in keeping us healthy.

First let’s take a look at Tomatoes…. Continue reading “Fruits,Vegs et Toi?….Pt1”

Winter Getaway 2015!!!


Everyone loves a getaway no matter how far or close it is, especially when it’s to a destination with almost perfect weather or at the least, one better than where you are. Whether its it’s the harmattan you are faced with or the cold snow, this period your hair would require more TLC (Tender loving care) than other seasons. You would realize your hair will become dry, frizzy annoying and brittle… breaking at every chance it gets…Not to worry, here are a few tips and tricks you should know if you are stuck in weathers such as these and also little tips to note when planning a getaway. Will be vacaying in a couple of days to somewhere really nice, hope to blog about it soon… Enjoy….. Continue reading “Winter Getaway 2015!!!”